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A “Product Innovation Pipeline” is built from foundational brand positioning principles, and driven by a defined process execution. As I have mentioned previously, it is much easier to “imitate” than it is to “innovate” in your market space. However, if you have a defined process for ensuring “Innovation” is always part of your overall brand strategy, then you will have no shortage of “market driving” ideas/concepts. 

This “Innovation Pipeline” build is a sophisticated process, from defining the overall market space/opportunity to brand positioning, through design “ideation” and eventual commercialization of your concept, each progressive step must be  managed to ensure the execution happens within timeline expectations. It is one thing to have a great idea, but if it is never commercialized, it remains a “great idea”….” Innovation” is driven through a foundational system which assures “market driving” concepts are commercialized, and ensures you have the proper leadership to provide accountability and ongoing visibility. Driving with a  “road map is certainly easier than driving in the dark with no clear direction. Some brands continue to drive in the dark hoping they find their destination, while others drive with a defined purpose, clear direction and a leader with a long term vision.

Define your Brand “Foundation”…

Build a “Product Innovation” System/Process…

Stick to your “Foundational Principles”…

Always look to “Drive the Market”…

Enjoy the Ride..!

Bryan Smeltzer


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Brand or Commodity...Your Choice, but this is a choice you will have to make with your brand or product. A unique point of difference whether through your product, market positioning or both, will give your company an edge. However, in order to stay true to your root values and survive – the better choice is establishing and growing your brand. This is easier said than done, having been inside the belly of the brand beast, as most companies either do not have the time, resources or mindset to achieve this goal, and why you see few “true” authentic brands in the marketplace. Truly finding a unique purpose, perspective or product innovation pipeline, as you look to establish your brand is the key to unlocking your long term positioning.

At each of the globally recognized brands I have been with,  we never “Sold our Soul to the Devil”, as we knew it may cure some short term issues, but would damage us to the “Core” long term. In regards to the “Core”, I truly mean the heart and soul of what had been built for many decades. Either way, just remember, stick to what you believe or it never becomes authentic, stick to what you know or your goal will never materialize and by all means do not lose your soul as it will never be given back to you.

“Always STAY True to your Core..”

“Always BE Authentic to your Channel..”

“Always FIND Where you Belong…”

Enjoy the RIDE !

Bryan Smeltzer

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As I have previously discussed, brands can either “ride out” their success, or they can create a “new wave”. Most prefer to ride their wave out, or catch someone else’s. It is the fearless brand that takes chances, and some may hit the rocks occasionly, but when they “catch” a wave it is usually a monster.

It is risk tasking that allows you to search for your blue ocean, and not delve into the bloody waters infested with other sharks. This blood bath may feed your product engine for a period of time, but you must always look to create your own wave. Many catch others ideas, and create a better method, process or products, but you must find that wave which everyone talks about long after the sun has gone down. Search and you will find. At some point your hard work will pay off, and you and the entire brand will be richer for it. Keep searching for the next great wave, it is out there and is those that discover it first who will be remembered !

Always look for the next Wave.. !

Always ride it, but then start searching for the next One..!

Always strive to be first, the waves are fresh and the Ocean Blue..!


Enjoy the Ride !

Bryan Smeltzer


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Many times brands “react” to new external environments vs “sticking” to a strategy for building long term loyalty, maintaining a mystique and driving innovation across all levels. Reacting to new marketplace realities and continually taking a new path vs “refining your course” is a sure way to “crash and burn”, or at the very least degrade brand value and disconnect with your “core” consumer.  The original principles that defined the brand are “foundational pillars” critical to ensuring a cohesive “bond” is built internally with employees and externally with your brand advocates.

Ensuring you have a “dynamic” brand strategy, driven by cohesive foundational elements which are not comprised is crucial in all aspects of both product creation and marketing.  As I have mentioned, both product and marketing working in unison with one another to ensure you have the right product, for the right customer, in the right location, at the right time is the ultimate goal in building this dynamic brand driven process. Timing is truly everything when you look at building and maintaining your positioning in the marketplace.  

Building a foundational “Brand Strategy” with pillars defining your path for growth, while allowing for new technologies, strategies and course “refinements” are “key”” elements for driving continual strategic brand growth and establishing long term brand advocacy.

“Build your Brand Foundational Pillars…”

“Refine your Course, do not change Course..”

“Stick to your Principles…”

Enjoy the Ride !

Bryan Smeltzer


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One the most important aspects of Product Creation is being inspired to create an “Innovative” design, one that sets you apart from the competition and becomes the new category standard. However, if the capacity to bring that “break-away” design/innovation to life does not exist, then it remains a great design, nothing more…. This ability to bring an innovative design to life is inherent in the “core” competency of your selected sourcing.

This is why tying the overall Product Lifecycle process together is so important to the vision of not only the brand, but the company as a whole. In building a cohesive lifecycle team, they challenge one another to build what others say can not be done. If a brand truly believes in “Innovation” and hangs there brand MO on this flagship standard, then the vision has to match the reality. The reality is that from “Ideation” through the “Commercialization” of the product, others will challenge this engrained philosophy, but if you accomplish and break through this self limiting mentality, then the expectation will always be what can we “re-invent” (Great) vs what can we “improve” (Good).

A Good product is one that has not yet reached Greatness….

Always look to out-Innovate yourself, and others will have no choice but to follow.. I would rather always have the lead, than to follow and always wonder who is about to pass me…

Stay True… Be Authentic

Enjoy the Ride…!
Bryan Smeltzer

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The ability of a brand to connect with their “advocates” on-line, and proactively “reach out”  and interact is “key” to building a successful Social Marketing program. These “advocates” have the world within their reach, and want to be part of the brand’s lifestyle/culture.

If a brand fails to embrace these advocates from a viral and social perspective, they risk alienating their “core” consumer and driving business to another that will embrace them continually. In order to effectively reach out, you must define a clear social networking strategy , which encompass’s an “authentic” message with continual interaction. Many brands still reach out in a unilateral direction, which defines their strategy as self promoting machine that does not understand the current state of social interaction. When you have clear direction to viral/social interaction with your audience, it is not only defined by company positioning, but also infects everyone involved with the brand and as a result the message is clear, concise and effective at all levels. Successful Social Marketing is built off of foundation of guiding principles which are at the “core” of the brand:

Define “What” you stand for…

Communicate this clearly to everyone inside the brand “Camp”…

Be Proactive in “Reaching Out” to your Brand Advocates

Always be “Authentic”…

Once this “vertical” messaging is grounded into the principles of the brand, it can be communicated into the social world with your “brand advocates” , but the key to brand growth is the have these advocates “inject” others with the message, lifestyle and culture.  Remember, customers do not buy “products”, they buy “lifestyles”, and brands who understand this principle will  successfully grow not only their “advocate” base, but revenues as well.

Enjoy the Ride..!

Bryan Smeltzer



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Building a “Creative Engine” requires not only a defined process, but more importantly a team that understands how, and wants to take risks in the marketplace. In developing this engine, you drive on all cylinders, build a creative alliance and are constantly moving towards your long term goal of becoming a market leader. Being unpredictable, but execution driven is a core trait when building this “Creative Engine”. 

Being “Predictable” is another term for “Safe”.  Some Brands are comfortable being safe, but most also recognize this will not push the creative envelope. There is safety in numbers, but the goal is not to become another number…

As Mr. Seth Godin puts its so clearly…

“Safe is Risky..”

In building, inspiring and leading creative teams/brands, you must develop a sense of where you must go, and have a Visionary to show you the way. A Visionary is that rare breed who drives teams/brands to create a sustainable “Point of Difference” in the marketplace. This “POD” is what creates an environment of constant brand re-creation. It is this re-creation process that builds an “aura” of unpredictability for the brand, and drives the creative process…

Always look to be “Unpredictable”…

Always “Drive the Market”…

Always remember “Who you Are”…

Always stay true to the “Brand”…

Enjoy the Ride..!

Bryan Smeltzer


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