Stephs Revival..


Being part of Steph’s “Revival” has been an extremely rewarding experience, and one that comes along once in a lifetime. One where the stars align, and you are able to provide a product that truly makes a difference in someone’s life allowing them to perform to their potential.

When Zamst first started in our sponsorship of Steph several years ago, he was at a stage where some did not feel he would return to the game he loved, and others who felt he may not return at all. However, through perseverance, persistence and a trust of what he was capable of doing once healthy, has allowed him to achieve a “Revival” unlike any other seen in sports.

Not only has Steph achieved NBA MVP, but more importantly he is a truly genuine person that has a passion for the game and his family. A great person w/ deep values not always seen in sports these days, and Steph is a TRUE Role Model for those looking for someone to follow.

Life Lessons..

Always Persevere through your Challenges..!

Always look to God for Strength and Support..!

Always hold True to your Values and Family !

Enjoy the Ride..!

Bryan Smeltzer

“Product Innovation & Marketing Success..”




Driving, and building a Brand’s ID to your “core” audience is key to developing a social presence, and long term relevance. “Juicing” the Brand is a continual process, and has many components that work together to ensure you have an effective marketing strategy.

In the “digital” age you are constantly challenged with not only keeping your audience engaged, but ensuring your “voice” is of interest. With many voices looking to engage this audience, you must have an effective plan to continually keep them coming back and engaging them in your brand “culture”. As we have discussed, this Brand Culture…is the lifestyle your audience wants to be a part of..

Bring them in, engage them in your Brand, and keep them coming back..

Always look to “Juice” the Brand…!
Always drive a “relevant” Brand message…!

Always build a long term “Plan” to Engage…!

Enjoy the Ride !
Bryan Smeltzer


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“Product Innovation & Marketing Success Blog..”


When building a Brand Strategy, you must define yourself through a “unique” proposition to your target demo. Fail to make a clear positioning, and you risk entering a world that is Shark infested, and you will quickly get eaten alive.

In order to avoid such a death, make sure you build a solid foundational, first and foremost by defining brand or product market position against your competitors. One that outlines your brand values/lifestyle, translated into a unique product proposition. This is your initial focus, but then find some “Open Water” , one where no one else is swimming. Stay away from the “Blood” bath of commodity, “me too” products, where your only competitive advantage is price with no value. If price is your competitive positioning, then get out of the way as someone will run you over sooner rather than later.

Finding a “unique” proposition can take many forms, such as; giving your consumer a purchase “experience” (i.e, Apple) through effective retail presentation, building a lifestyle your consumers want to experience (ie. Nike,Ralph Lauren), or driving an “anti-demo” mystique message (ie.Oakley). Each is unique and effective, but each must be managed with strict discipline.

Although difficult, you must find your Open Water and this will allow you to swim freely while others getting eaten alive in the “Blood” bath of playing it safe !!

Always look to find your “Unique” Selling Proposition…

Always find your “Open Water” …

Always avoid the “Blood Bath” of Imitator Products…

Be an “Innovator ” .. !

Enjoy the Ride !

Bryan Smeltzer


“Product Innovation and Marketing Success Blog..”


Become a Leader or become Extinct, your choice. Evolve or DIE ! These are tough choices as you move along in the development of your brand. The willingness to take “risks” becomes more and more of a challenge, as it is to easy to continuing eating from the low hanging fruit. What brands do not recognize before it is to late, you need to plant more seeds for you to Survive. Keep eating from the same tree, eventually you will die and become extinct…

This symptom takes many forms, the brand that is comfortable with the “status quo”, the brand that does recognize they need to get off the track or they will be “run over”, or the brand that “thinks” they have all the answers and lives in a bubble of its own making ! Eventually these brands will burst…

Those “Risk Takers”, the ones that truly challenge the status quo of their respective industry, are the ones though stepping out on the plank may die, but if they survive will flourish. They flourish and are “reborn” with every new “risk”, whether it be a product or new market position. Don’t just live to live, live to die, or die to flourish again. Reborn, relive and survive the glut of “also rans”, they will continue to die along the wasteland of other brands who did not understand they must Evolve to Live, or Die trying !
Take the Lead, Take Risks and Live Life !

As Steve said ….. “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish..”

Always Evolve..!

Always be a Leader..!

Always Challenge the Status Quo..!

Enjoy the Ride !

Bryan Smeltzer


“Product Innovation & Marketing Success Blog..”


All brands at some point face a crossroad, as to how and where continued growth will be sustained on a regional or global scale. Fortunately those who have an established a system for driving their creative engine, and have implemented an operational excellence platform allowing them to bring innovative concepts to reality will succeed. This system does not stop at commercialization, as it is integral that the timing of product releases be driven by your need to establish, build and sustain long term growth. In other words, your product “Pipeline” is integral to your sustainability as a brand.

This “Pipeline” is your system, and one which ties the threads of the overall company together and allows it to function as a team and run on all cylinders. Without a truly “Innovative” driven ideation, product creation process that allows Designers the freedom to breath and create, you will be challenged to look forward for fear of who is behind you. You know you have arrived, and have established a system for long term success, when you do not care who is behind you, but rather focus on chasing down the prize that is in front of you. Conquer those that “choose” to stand still. Remember you may be on the right track, but if you choose to stand still you will get run over…!

Build a Product “Pipeline”..

Stay True to the Brand..

Sustain a Long Term Vision..

Do not Stand Still..!

Enjoy the Ride.!

Bryan Smeltzer


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“Product Innovation & Marketing Success Blog..”


When striving to build great products, you must always remember the “Beauty is in the Details”. Most brands look to compromise at some point when commercializing their products. This can be in form of areas not seen (internal), or items discarded (packaging). The most sophisitcated and longest lasting brands are ones who “find” a way not to compromise on quality, aesthetics or design integrity, and strive to “Build a Masterpiece” within a financially viable model. Conceptually this is always the goal, but in reality not always achieved. However, if not established at the outset, this goal can never materialize. Another benefit to setting this “Masterpiece Vision” is everyone is driving towards the same goal, and if compromises are made they recognize the impact.

In the minds of everyone involved in conceptualizing, developing and building your product, each should feel as if they are part of building brand equity. It was Leonardo de Vinci who once said, “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”, and if each piece is thought out in this manner success can be achieved. Simplicity in Design or Function can take the form of Internal Design, Exterior Details, Color Schemes, Packaging, Materials Utilized or Font designs. Each individually do not create a “Masterpiece”, but collectively may achieve this goal.

The goal of the Product Creation process is to create a “Vision” of what your brand strives to be. Never compromise, or shortchange your product or process, for if you achieve success without compromise, success will surely follow.

Always look to “Never Compromise”..!

Always Strive to “Build your Masterpiece…” !

Always Spread the “Brand Vision…” !

Enjoy the Ride..!

Bryan Smeltzer



“Product Innovation & Marketing Success Blog..”



Many times brands “react” to new external environments vs “sticking” to a strategy for building long term loyalty, maintaining a mystique and driving innovation across all levels. Reacting to new marketplace realities and continually taking a new path vs “refining your course” is a sure way to “crash and burn”, or at the very least degrade brand value and disconnect with your “core” consumer. The original principles that defined the brand are “foundational pillars” critical to ensuring a cohesive “bond” is built internally with employees and externally with your brand advocates.

Ensuring you have a “dynamic” brand strategy, driven by cohesive foundational elements which are not comprised is crucial in all aspects of both product creation and marketing. As I have mentioned, both product and marketing working in unison with one another to ensure you have the right product, for the right customer, in the right location, at the right time is the ultimate goal in building this dynamic brand driven process. Timing is truly everything when you look at building and maintaining your positioning in the marketplace.

Building a foundational “Brand Strategy” with pillars defining your path for growth, while allowing for new technologies, strategies and course “refinements” are “key”” elements for driving continual strategic brand growth and establishing long term brand advocacy.

“Build your Brand Foundational Pillars…”

“Refine your Course, do not change Course..”

“Stick to your Principles…”

Enjoy the Ride !

Bryan Smeltzer


“Product Innovation & Marketing Success Blog..”


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